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We had another few lines of the new Pix n’ love magazine !!!

We have a second preview in the excellent Pix’n Love magazine. The pressure gets higher and higher !

We had a very small preview in the french magazine Revival #47. (next to Bruce Campbell in VCS game Army of Darkness!!!)
You can also found it in english on Atariage store with a little delay due to translation work.

Screenshot #2

Second row of screenshots.

We would like to already thanks some people at AA forums who helped us to go through this tremendous work:

Duane Alan « Random Terrain » Hahn for his HUGE work of compilation.
Michael « SeaGtGruff » Rideout for solving our background colors issue.
Mike « RevEng » Saarna for his wonderful TitleScreen Kernel.

Robert M for his joystick reading control tutorial
Tinkernut for his video « how to make a VCS game in less than 10 minutes » (much longer for me to catch it)
Yuppicide & SpiceWare for advices on issues

We would like to thanks folks who gave us the tools for doing it:
Fred « Batari » Quimby for his Bb and the Harmony cartridge.
Jeffrey « jwierer » Wierer for VisualBb.

Screenshots #1

Here are the first screenshots of the levels of the main quest:

Work in Progress #1

Here is the ingame video of our game. It still full of bugs but give you a good idea of what it will look like.

Game Features

Action RPG
Only your dexterity will defeats the Evil Drakhan™ and all its mignons.
Non-Linear Main Quest
Explore the Dark Lands at your will.
Secondary quests
Help others characters and gain items to achieve your quest.
Controlled randomness for a never twice the same experience
Dynamic Sky Background

This game will also work on all Video Computer System compatible platforms such as:
Windows™, DOS™, BeOS™, DreamCast™, Linux™, PalmOS™, Java™, Nintendo DS™, GP32™ and even MacOS™.

We’re glad to present you this special blog entirely devoted to our new project: Drakhan’s Night.

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