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Yann D. quit the project

Our Friend Yann is leaving the project. His new job is too demanding and he can’t focus anymore on making a cartridge. Thanks man. Maybe another time on another crazy project :)

Happy New Year ’16

Best Wishes for 2016!
Alex and Jean BAUDRAND

Xmas 2015 update

Here is a quick update of the project:
The programmation is stopped for a short moment as Yann is doing some research on a working 32ko cartridge then maybe a 64ko cartridge.
The results of these experiments will decide if the game could be expanded to 64ko or if it will stay on 32ko.
This will impact seriously the graphics titles, the music and the sprites animations.

YDL finished a painting that will be use on the cartridge label and the box.
He redesigned the title to be more original and not just a copy of Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair video game.
He will also do some black and white drawings for the manual based on sketches I’ve done as guideline.

The journey is far from being complete and a lot of things can happen… Nonetheless, we wish you a merry Xmas and a happy New Year!

Our friend Yann will handle the hardware part of this project.

YDL join the team as Painter

Our friend YDL will draw the box art and manual.

64 Ko

Thanks again to RevEng, the game have been upgraded to a 64Ko rom size.

Back to work!

A big thump up to RevEng who have solved all troubles in a couple of hours that puzzled me for a long time.

Summer update

Nous profitons de ce post publié par l’association MO5 pour faire le point sur le développement:
- La quête principale est en train d’être rallongée car on s’est rendu compte qu’elle était trop courte (il faudra faire plus que de se débarrasser d’un dragon rouge).
- Une quête secondaire est en cours d’implémentation et ouvrira la voie pour deux autres si tout se passe bien.
- Il n’y a que deux bruitages pour l’instant.
- Les graphismes ne cassent toujours pas trois pattes à un canard.
- Pour le packaging, la fabrication maison nécessite de nouveaux essais avec du papier plus solide et une résolution plus fine. Nous avons aussi contacté un imprimeur pour un devis à 50 et (rêvons un peu) 100 exemplaires.
- Le manuel est en cours d’essai aussi mais rien de concluant non plus, tant au niveau du papier qu’au niveau du massicot.
- Pour la fabrication des cartouches, nous attendons toujours un devis d’Atariage pour utiliser des Melody Board. (on attend la réponse depuis deux mois).
- Nous avions promis une vidéo pour le magazine Revival mais avec autant de questions en suspens, on préfère remettre ça à plus tard (promis).

Here is a brief update of this ongoing project:
- We’re extending the main quest because just killing a red dragon is quite common nowadays
- A secondary quest is being implemented and if successful, it will open the way for two more quests.
- Only two sounds are programmed for the moment.
- There is an issue with Fixed Point Variables. We’ve been stuck on it for over a year and could not find where is the trouble.
- We are waiting for an estimate from Atariage for a couple of months.
- the packaging need further trial as the last attempt doesn’t comply our needs.

First trial of packaging

We wanted to estimate how much time and how much its cost to manufacture a box and a label for the game. The cartridge is just one of « Berzeck » as doing a prototype is quite prematurate for the moment.

Preview in Pix n’Love #19

We had another few lines of the new Pix n’ love magazine !!!

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